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2019 Northeast Nebraska Farm & Equipment Show

Educational Seminars

Produced by Farm Show Productions and News Talk WJAG 780 AM & 105.9 FM


15 & 16


Northeast Community College Chuck M. Pohlman Ag Complex in Norfolk!

On the corner of Highway 35 and East Benjamin Avenue.

Northeast Nebraska Farm & Equipment Show

33rd Annual

January 16

Wednesday 10am: FARM BILL DECISIONS AND OUTLOOK 2018-2019 


Jim Jansen, Extension Economist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 


• Farm bill developments during 2018, bringing new decisions in 2019 and beyond.

• Understanding how 2018 programs and estimated payments help producers prepare for next year’s cash flow. • Integrating information on new and existing farm programs, other decisions to make sound risk management decisions.


Wednesday Noon: Succession Planning-Estate Planning: Casey Knaake, Certified Financial Planner with Heritage Financial Services LLC.  


Moving the operation to the next generation can lead to expensive pitfalls without understanding the implications. This presentation will help you understand how to retire comfortably, and keep the farm in the family for another generation.


Wednesday 2pm: All Land is Not Equal: Nebraska Land Values and Cash Rent: Leading into 2019, Nebraska farmers and ranchers face rising interest rates and low commodity prices. The upcoming production season appears to be financially challenging for many agricultural producers across the state. Making informed financial decisions remain more critical than ever when purchasing or renting crop land. This presentation covers current trends in Nebraska crop land rent and provisions for crop shares to give participants an edge when negotiating lease terms. 

January 17

Thursday 10am: El Nino Conditions Through Next Spring?  UNL State Climatologist Al Dutcher presents the implications of current weather patterns on the  2019 crop year.


Thursday Noon: Establishing Crop & Livestock Budgets-Making Decisions and Planning for Next Year’s Production: Glennis McClure, UNL Extension Educator / Farm & Ranch Management Analyst, will provide an overview of what went into the 2018 Custom Rates Report, how to use the 2019 published crop budgets, and take a look at the UNL livestock budgeting worksheets with you.    


Thursday 1:30pm: International Trade- Bringing Value to Nebraska Agriculture:  Amelia Breinig-Assistant Director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture: Ms. Breinig joined the NDA in October. She most recently worked at the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in Washington D.C.